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"I have no special talent.
I am only passionately curious."

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Dzieci marzą o roli policjanta, który pomaga staruszce przejść przez ulicę i łapie groźnych przestępców. To marzenie pomaga spełnić gra Kids Toy Car – Police Patrol

Testimonial author

Curious Kid & the Toy Car is a no-frills interactive game that lets your young ones take apart a car bit by bit to see what’s ‘under the hood’.

Testimonial author

Mommy I love this game I played this on your iPad when you weren’t looking.

Testimonial author

Kids Toy Car comes fully loaded with interactive options.

Testimonial author

Curious Kid The Toy Car is a cool app for young kids who really enjoy to fiddle around with their toys, but are however, not necessarily allowed to do so.


Natural kids, curiosity matters. Let’s develop it the right way!

At Galante we create mobile apps for curious kids.
We believe that experimenting and experiencing are the best in children’s learning process allowing to develop kids knowledge and encourage their curiosity. The environment of a game makes this learning process safe and entertaining.
Education is not only about observing but also about acting. Having this in mind, we put a priority on free and engaging interaction to help make kids act. We want kids to make their own choices, this will help them to understand ‘cause and effect’ and help to develop those skills while playing. Thanks to our attention to detail there is a lot to explore.

Let’s all help our kids to develop the right way!

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