How to play with kids in a car

Kids love to play in cars. Have you noticed that when you open the door kids jump into the driver’s seat to try all the buttons, honk the horn and fix your mirror as they want. Gender does not matter – both boys and girls love to play in a car.

We thought about this when we were looking for inspiration to our kids games like Kids Toy Car or Curious Kid & the Toy Car . We came up with an idea that providing kids a safe environment to experiments in a car is what both kids and their parents need!do szyb

We’ve analysed this car phenomenon together with educators and other parents  to define what factors make this play in a car special. We wanted to define game that will be as much engaging and educative as playing in a car is.

As we all know, kids love to do what grown ups do and driving a car is a great example. There is one rule you can notice: it’s good to have this game/play realistic. Kids always want to play with a real mobile phone instead of their pink plastic ones. The same goes for cars!


We’ve decided to treat kids seriously and make our game as realistic as we could while still keeping it fun. We wanted no shortcuts in our game, to drive a car you need to start the engine first, to ride you need to press the pedal, lights and car wipers work exactly like in a real car. There is a toy duck in our car hidden in the glovebox – if you throw it out of the window it will not come back. We know this little things are really precious for some of our users!


We’ve designed the game to explore and discover adult world in a safe environment. There is no danger and therefore no limits for kids discoveries!

Having a good feedback from our users we developed our game a little bit further. Besides driving a car we have a garage and a car wash module.  Kids can take a look under a hood and learn day to day car care, like filling up washer fluid or motor oil. In a car wash scene kids are able to play with water and bubbles also learning how the car wash works. This fun can last for hours. Seriously!


KTC IKONA FINAL GOOGLE PLAYTake Kids Toy Car Game for a spin!

I’m sure you and your kids will love it!