13 ideas for game developers – part 2


color heroes


Color Heroes  The #cubewar is a casual mobile game– our latest production and our biggest challenge so far. The game is finished. It is ready to download. So come and give it a try.

We are proud of our Color Heroes!

We learned a lot during this 6 months of hard work, therefore we wanted to share our knowledge with you. In this article we will tell you about what went right, what went wrong, what to avoid in next game productions and which things turned out to be more important than other.

Lesson 5. First logic then design

Be sure to prototype your game with the lowest possible number of images, unless they are crucial
for the gameplay. Otherwise, you may lose a lot of time and resources to creating graphics, which in the future you won’t use, because perhaps this prototype will create changes, which will turn the visual aspect upside down.


The Color Heroes Saga graphics were done when the gameplay was complete


Lesson 6.Do alpha tests do your game
It is important that the entire process of creating the game bears the strong occupancy in testing, so do tests from the very beginning.

By doing tests you will be able to quickly find further threats for the development of the game and eliminate them.

In addition, testing can assure that it’s still the same game you decided to create at the beginning.

Sometimes, seemingly small changes can reverse the gameplay upside down.



Lesson 7 Do external beta testing

When it seems to you that the game is almoust finished, you might like to show it to a trusted group of people who will have a fresh (sic!) look at your game and evaluate it. We have performed tests on a group of players from one of the social networks (thanks again guys 🙂 and the main problem, which they reported was an abrupt movement of the colored bar. As developers, we were already accustomed with the game and only the attention of people from outside of the dev process made us aware of the existing, serious problem.

Making beta tests was a good step for us.


Lesson 8. Did we mention testing yet? 😉
Alpha and beta testing does not absolve us from the obligation to test until the day of the game release.
For us the problem came with the ads typically added at the end of a game. For this reason, a few days before the premiere we noticed that the game on weaker devices cuts, which was caused by the display of the animated advertising banner.

Lesson 9. The new requirements = new estimates
In order to secure peace of mind estimate and update the schedule after any change in requirements.

Even the smallest task to perform can cause schedule changes even for a few days.

The task list will always extend during the creating process.


Be sure to rationally evaluate your opportunities in time.