13 ideas for game developers- last but not least

color heroes

Color Heroes  The #cubewar is a casual mobile game– our latest production and our biggest challenge so far. The game is finished. It is ready to download. So come and give it a try.

We are proud of our Color Heroes!

We learned a lot during this 6 months of hard work, therefore we wanted to share our knowledge with you. In this article we will tell you about what went right, what went wrong, what to avoid in next game productions and which things turned out to be more important than other.

Lesson 10 Do backups!

Apparently, people are divided into two groups: those who do backups and those who will be doing them. If not for backups and manic use of a code repository or Dropbox in one moment  you can lose days if not weeks of work.


Protect your data. It is interesting that on the two days before the premiere of  Color Heroes: Cube War our  graphics computer shut down and its a miracle were able to recover the prepared data. Uff…;)


Lesson 11 Be part of industry events

 Industry events in which we had the pleasure to take part have given us very much. Despite the fact that most of the people from our office are  introverts, exchange of experience proved to be for us a pleasant and extremely valuable experience. Being part of such events as PolyJam2015, IGK in Siedlce or Digital Dragons 2015  is not only the perfect escape from work, but also a breeding ground for ideas and technical solutions.


 Use your  industry communitie knowledge.

 Events generate  invaluable newly created knowledge, which are likely to bring profit during the premiere of our title. Let’s stick together!


Lesson 12 Remember Murphy’s law

If something can go wrong – it will. .

Simple law, incredibly real, is applicable whenever no time for complications. Failure of the computer for 2 days before the premiere? Here you are! The  sick employee at an important work moment? Normal! Tablet screen cracked ? Happened to us!


If you want to bring the project to the end and on time, predict the worst.

Some proverb says: expect the unexpected;-)


Lesson 13 Share knowledge

We always put our company on open source solutions, wherever there is a possibility.

Sharing knowledge is a very important aspect for each team.



Indie game dev community consist mostly of small companies that usualy have knowladge needs but can’t spend money and time. At least thats our story ;).

Internet and social media gives us the ability to communicate and exchange valuable experiences. We have created a blog with tutorials on creating games: which become a good way to promotion.